Move from 2D to 3D marketing campaigns that create a two-way dialogue with your audience with AR in your marketing mix.

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Our Downtown Development District  (the CLG) in Lake Charles, Louisiana is working through a renaissance rising from the pandemic and several major weather events. 



NFT.GIGANTIC.NETWORK was created to feature digital goods created for GIGANTIC's clients. We offer assistance with design & development, management, and implementation of your NFT projects.

Augmented Reality

Marketing & Communication

Create immersive campaigns that are scientifically proven to drive double (1.9x) the amount of visual attention and a 75% uplift in memory recall vs TV and online.

Use your phone's camera to scan and view in AR!

The Network

B2B Connectivity

Many of the local businesses host arts and culture within their structures. Our goal is to publicize, formalize and expand the Public AR program which highlights our historic structures, and celebrate the activities and businesses within the historic Downtown.

Use your phone's camera to scan and view in AR!

NFT Marketplace

Develop | Purchase | Sale

GIGANTIC also provides NFT development services to create immersive digital experiences by implementing augmented reality technology. GIGANTIC offers a broad spectrum of augmented reality solutions for business, education, training, sales, and more.

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