Get ready to experience food like never before! GIGANTIC Food is now offering #augmentedrealityfood to enhance your patron’s dining experience! With this innovative technology, you can see your meal in 3D, explore the ingredients and even learn about their origin. It’s like having your own personal chef right at your table! Get started today with

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AR & Marketing

Augmented reality (AR) has been around a while, but it’s only recently that small businesses have begun to realize its full potential in marketing. By offering an interactive and immersive experience for customers, AR technology can help businesses stand out from the crowd and generate more leads and sales. Let’s talk about how AR is

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Memorial Hospital & GIGANTIC

Lake Charles Memorial Hospital provides the most advanced technology delivered by human hands to patients in southwest Louisiana. Their team of experienced surgeons and staff, coupled with the most advanced medical technology in the world, provides modernized healthcare that’s personal. Learn more about how LCMH surgeons utilize this technology to enhance patient care here: https://gantic.io/lcmhrobotics

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